City Agriculture Office

Functional Statement

To carry out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services on agriculture and aquaculture and provision of adequate facilities relative to agriculture services


Increase agricultural production and uplift the standard of living of farm families thru extension education with minimum inputs and maximum production.

Program / Project / Activities:

  1. Develop plans and strategies on agricultural and implement the same.
  2. Ensure that the maximum assistance and access to resources in production, processing and marketing of agricultural and aqua-cultural and marine products.
  3. Conduct location speciifc agricultural researches and assist in making available technology.
  4. Establish demonstration farm: Assist the City Mayor in the establishment and extension services of demonstration farm on agriculture, aquaculture and marine products.
  5. Enforce rules and regulations relating to agriculture.
  6. Be in the front-line of delivery if basic agricultural services.
  7. Recommend to the sanggunian and advice the City Mayor on all matter related to agricultural and aquacultural which will improve the living condition of citizenry.
  8. Coordinate / partner with the NGO’s, NGA’s and other stakeholders in the promotion of agricultural productivity through appropriate technologies compatible with environment.