City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office

Prevention and Mitigation

• Reduce vulnerability and exposure of communities to all hazards
• Enhance capacities of communities to reduce their own risks and cope with the impacts of all hazards

Disaster Preparedness

• Increase the level of awareness of the community to the threats and impacts of all hazards risk and vulnerabilities.
• Equip the community with the necessary skills to cope with the negative impacts of a disaster.
• Increase the capacity of institutions.
• Develop and implement comprehensive local disaster preparedness policies, plans and systems.

Disaster Response

• To decrease the number of preventable deaths and injuries.
• To provide basic subsistence needs of affected population.
• To immediately restore basic social services.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

• To restore people’s means of livelihood and continuity of economic activities and business.
• To restore shelter and other buildings / installation.
• To reconstruct infrastructure and other public utilities;
• To assist in the Physical and psychological rehabilitation of persons who suffered from the effects of disaster.