City Veterinary Office


To conduct programs, project and information education campaigns geared to boost livestock and poultry production; to perform disease treatment; control and prevention especially those of economic and public health importance; to perform regulatory and quarantine functions guided by the National laws and local ordinances; to provide ways and means for the public and private sectors to work complimentary to stabilize the livestock and poultry industry, and to inform and update the Local Chief Executive and Legislators of the National issues concerning current situation, condition and threats as far as the animal industry, welfare and the consuming public are concern.


A dynamic office technologically equip with knowledge and experiences capable of performing functions and duties efficiently and adequately ti the people we serve and high quality services for the animal health and its welfare geared to boost the livestock and poultry inventory.


To realize our commitment to all Palayanos and our stakeholders, both public and private, of providing them ways and means through technical services through animal health management primordial to successful animal production and ensuring that the meat they buy for human consumption is safe through our core values of quality services in term of meat inspection slaughterhouse and post abattoir regulations, management, innovation and teamwork.